The Open Science Company Manifesto

This manifesto aims at defining fundamental statements every Company running with the Open Science initiative in mind must respect and promote.

Open Science pillars are [the Company] culture

Unless [the Company] has good reasons for not respecting them (such as National Security), every principle of the Open Science initiative should be considered as an organization’s credo.

Each time [the Company] produces source code that could help other scientists in their everyday work (software, data analysis, web servers, etc.), the code should be open and stored in a public forge that eases community contributions and explicitly states on its licensing and credits.

If relevant for the scientific community, scientific data collected by [the Company] should be stored in a public repository that explicitly states on its licensing and credits. [The Company] should carefully pay attention to the repository terms & conditions before submitting data to this repository. Institutional repositories (such as Zenodo) must be the primary choice, but, third-party repositories can also be considered if the service maintainer (company or institution) explicitly states on the future of stored data when that maintainer status evolves (fusion, acquisition, liquidation).

When the time to publish research results has come, [the Company] submits its manuscript to Open Access journals with an Open Peer Review process.

Users are not the product

[The Company] must respect the user’s right to privacy. [The Company] must not sell or give away data about user’s use patterns, locations, or other metadata without explicit, informed consent from the user.

[The Company] must respect the user’s right to keep their scientific data private. [The Company] will never sell or give away a user’s unpublished scientific data. [The Company] will not publish any analysis that includes data which are not publically available at the time of publishing.

[The Company] should treat users as contributors to the common goods, not as products. Users have a right to know where their data is being stored and how it is being used.

Open & Privacy must cohabit

Being open does not mean sharing everything with no respect for privacy. Hence, [the Company] must provide a way for its customers to keep their data private until they decide to free their content. [The Company] must incentive, not force to share though.

Transparency & Ethic-first

[The Company] must value transparency in communicating its mission, goals and choices. The more transparent [the Company] is, the better.

[The Company]’s primary motivation must be contributing to the common goods. Hence, [the Company] must always adopt the most ethical acts/behaviors/decisions when multiple options are available to it.

Investors must embrace this Manifesto

If [the Company] is raising funds, incoming investors must accept all rules stated in this Manifesto without any modification. To prevent further corruption of [the Company] values, [the Company] statuses deposited to the administration of the country of affiliation should refer to this Manifesto.